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Okay, you’ve got an online presence. Blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Publishers Marketplace, Goodreads, LibraryThing, Amazon, Absolute Write, QueryTracker, and last (but never least) your website. Your website, which should be your best face to the world at large, is listed as a major link on all those other online sites. So far, so good.

But what if you’re unhappy with your website and, more specifically, you want to keep your domain name, but change your hosting service? This will mean that for 2-3 days, the content of your site is gone while you get everything switched over.

No big deal if you’re not yet well-known (and I’m not). BUT…What if you’ve got a query letter out on your latest WIP and you have no way of knowing if the queried agent has yet checked out your website?

Bigger deal.

Not without some degree of unease, I am initiating such a change today. I’ve been advised it’s best to do it right before a weekend and I have got to get this done before I begin querying multiple agents. The thinking is that said agent will be less likely to be working on queries over the weekend (though I’m not certain about that…don’t many of them take their work home with them?).

Hopefully, if she is checking me out this weekend (and the longer I don’t hear from her, the less likely that seems), she’ll check out my blog as well as my website, and read this post!

Think of this as website insurance.

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