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Writers discover their gift at various stages of life. Some, like me, fiddle around with it for decades and don’t get serious until middle age or later. Many begin their singular focus in high school but don’t really work at it until they have finished college. And then there are those like Donna Hatch.

Author Donna HatchShe wrote her first short story when she was eight. She wrote her first full-length novel–a science fiction romance–as a sophomore in high school. Her second novel–a fantasy romance–was finished during her senior year (no doubt after getting all those tough junior year classes and college prep tests out of the way).

It’s not too surprising, then, that Donna is now an award-winning author of Regency Romance. Book One of her 3-part Rogue Heart Series, The Stranger She Married, is currently available here, in either ebook or paperback. The book, a Golden Quill Finalist, tells the tale of an impoverished young woman, torn between a disfigured war hero with the heart of a poet, and a handsome libertine who may not be all he seems. She must marry by the end of the month and, despite a murder threat, learning to love the stranger she married may pose the greatest danger of all…to her heart.

Book Two of the series, The Guise of a Gentleman, should be out by April, and she is currently finishing up edits on the final as-yet-untitled book in the series. Readers will be happy to know that each book can stand on its own, though each focuses on a different Amesbury brother and members of the family wander in and out of the various books.

My question is: How does she manage to do all this writing (mostly late at night), and still take care of six children and a husband AND work in an office part-time every afternoon? One answer–she gave up scrapbooking and dusting.

Still, she finds time to read, sing, play the harp, direct her church choir, play with the kids, and spend time with the inspiration for all her heroes–her husband.

You can find out more about this amazing writer and her upcoming books from her website and blog.

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